Holy Spirit Anglican Church is a member of the Anglican Province of America in the Diocese of the Eastern United States
The Most Reverend Walter H. Grundorf: Presiding and Diocesan Bishop
The Right Reverend Chandler (Chad) Holder Jones, SSC, Bishop Suffragen
The Right Reverend William (Bill) Perkins, Bishop Suffragen
Holy Spirit Anglican Church Newsletters
Date Newsletter Title/Link Newsletter Topic
Apr 1, 2018 Apr, May, Jun 2018 Principles of Prayer, part 1
July 1, 2018 Jul, Aug, Sept 2018 Principles of Prayer, part 2
October 1, 2018 Oct, Nov, Dec 2018 You Say, God Says
January 1, 2019 Jan, Feb, Mar 2019 Sanctity of Life
April 1, 2019 Apr, May, Jun 2019 Paul Harvey's Words
July 1, 2019 Jul, Aug, Sep 2019 The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
October 1, 2019 Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 Who is Jesus? Who is He?
January 1, 2020 Jan, Feb, Mar 2020 Why is the worship so formal?
April 1, 2020 Apr, May, Jun 2020 Do not let your worries get the best of you.

Last updated - April 5, 2020.